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Search engine optimized online shops with individual functions and configurations

CMS, Online Shops & Co. - We bring the wheel to roll!

CMS (Content Management Systems) / Editorial Systems by an expert from AURUM GROUPS: Highly modular and SEO/Search Engine Optimization already installed!

For each website the right software

Each website project has specific requirements that "somehow" can be covered with any software often. But this is "somehow" is often the core of the problem.

There is an overwhelmingly large number of CMS and shop systems on the market - and we know their strengths, weaknesses, and special features. Our experienced web developers and programmers choose the best for your website file system will save you time, money and stress during operation to our customers.

If we create a traditional corporate website, then come in usually the popular open source CMS are: for WordPress,Joomla,

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is in the area of e-commerce for online store programming often Magento or E - Commerce used. For any special requirements, so if it gets tricky, we have prepared a special Joker: Our complete in-house development, the modular AURUM GROUPS CMS and Shop system. One thing you may not believe us, we know our business. We are fluent in PHP, Ruby, Perl, MySQL, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5...

Pure workload

The site easy to maintain itself. No agency fees. No technical knowledge required.

Open Source or Individually

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and company - we take all the top dogs on the open source group. Self-evident, including the ability to program completely custom add-on modules and components to customer specifications.

For special jobs we have a special trick up its sleeve: The AURUM GROUPS CMS. Particularly easy to maintain, extremely safe and very customizable. But beware: That's not possible elsewhere.

SEO / Google-friendly

SEO by special modules we provide for very search engine friendly content management systems. Provide with minimal effort for an all-around best on-site SEO (search engine optimization internal). Google's thank you and reward you with reasonably good positions within the search results. Beat your competitors to cheat and refer them to their seats.

Modular expandable and flexible

The modular design of our systems your website to arbitrary functions and modules can be expanded. At a later time.

Update capability is another point - Keep your mouse to click your system up to date.

Through CSS-based programming make sure you get maximum flexibility - the layout of your site is refreshed quickly and easily.

Always clean look

The biggest problem in hand manicured website is an inconsistent over time and possibly by changing processor appearance. One editor may headings in red capital letters, the other in green cursive. With increasing creativity the staid appearance is usually on the track. By a modern CMS you guarantee a uniform and professional appearance - permanently.

Safety First

Internet safety is always a big issue - and regularly on everyone's lips. Nevertheless invite legions of websites unwanted visitors - and thus in better case mischief, theft of highly sensitive corporate data in the worse case - literally because absolutely inadequate safety precautions one.

This must not be. We ensure activation of all possible safety factors.

Simple operation

In the daily care a CMS/Editing system really comes into its own. Texts are edited for absolute layman in seconds, add new pages or updated gallery images. Very easy and without any programming knowledge - who can use WORD, which also maintains a CMS-based website with the left?