What good is the best, cleverest and most sophisticated website if you find no one? We provide integrated actions, divided into on-premise and off-site Search Engine Optimization, for the necessary traffic to your website. We work according to the self-imposed code of honor "White Hat" - Search Engine Optimizers. This means no trailing Go to the Google rules. The only way to a sustainable optimization of your Google rankings obtain that does not end with being thrown out at Google. Of course, our CMS/Content Management Systems and online stores are fully SEO-ready.

Project Care

Project completed and after the Flood? Definitely not. If requested by the customer, we manage our skills very happy with for the long-term project maintenance. Thus, we can grasp fully professional in the daily business under the arms.

Our usual procedure for a solid SEO from AURUM GROUPS

1. Preliminary

In personal preliminary we know where the journey to go. We receive from you for search engine optimization essential information about competitors, relevant keywords SEO existing measures and more.

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Market environment, structure and content of the existing website, keywords or search terms - all information obtained from the preliminary we take in our SEO analysis under the microscope in order to create the optimal concept for efficient and sustainable SEO.

On-Site SEO

The internal "On-site" SEO - here it is important to optimize the directory and file structure to revise Cover Texts to create landing pages and much more.

Off-Site SEO

The external "off-site" SEO, here is the popularity of your website is significantly increased by managerial topics relevant backlinks.


What is the current status? What we have achieved that position at the agreed keywords? Regular feedback gives you a picture of the state of SEO.