Online Marketing Course

Only recently companies have realized that the Internet is optimal can as a marketing tool and an additional distribution channel due to high contact or number of users. The times when companies developed their web presence purely for image reasons are gone; the Internet has grown up and is used more and more commercial firms.

Many companies are now represented by a Web site on the Internet. However, few companies could really gain advantage. Many cluttered pages, poor graphics, poor usability or long load times still annoy many internet users. They are scared and surf in the worst case to the next competitor.

Through these experiences, many companies have realized that it is not enough to hire a web agency or a web designer with a mere page design. The World Wide Web content must fit into the business plan and to the classical marketing. Otherwise, failure is inevitable.

Who is the course online marketing turns?

The course seeks to remedy the existing and growing shortage of qualified staff in the field of online marketing is intended for

  • Those who want to specialize in an activity in online marketing and want to earn money with this activity
  • Businesses and organizations of all kinds who use the Internet for marketing purposes and to ensure the training of its own employees support a network of occurrence want
  • Internet, advertising and graphic design agencies who want to train their own employees to expand their range of services and advise their clients competently
  • Those who want to serve as self-employed or freelance companies on issues of online marketing

Educational goal

This learning course will provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to perform successfully in practice a profession in the field of online marketing

The training objectives in detail

Real-time topic:You will be able to appreciate the opportunities and limitations of online marketing and to make a comparison to traditional marketing. This allows you to successfully develop an Internet strategy for a company and implement optimal.

Previous knowledge

The course is for interested people from all professional and age group, which - in the broadest sense - are attracted to online marketing on the Internet, and who - want to deal with it - for business or for pleasure on the subject.

To attend this course you must meet any special requirements. However, there should be some basic familiarity with the computer and the Windows operating system. Basic knowledge of the English language and in the field of marketing or sales is an advantage.

Overview of Topics

  • Introduction of Digital Marketing
  • Difference Between Digital and Treditional marketing
  • Benifits with Digital Marketing
  • Latest Marketing Techniques
  • Careers
Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
  • Introduction of SEO
  • Algorithms and Updates
  • webmaster Tools
  • Keyword Research
  • Onsite Optimization
  • - Meta tags
  • - Title tags
  • - Content Optimization
  • - Img tag Optimization
  • - Footer Optimization
  • - Robots
  • - Friendly urls
  • - Sitemaps
  • Offsite Optimization
  • - Link building
  • - Directory Submissions
  • - Social bookmarking
  • - Press-release
  • - Classifieds
  • - Forms Posting
Search Engine Marketing [SEM]
  • Introduction SEM
  • Adwords Account
  • Campaigns
  • PPC
Social Media
  • Facebook Marketing & Advertise
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Email marketing
Google Analytics
  • Introduction
  • Analytics Reporting
Live Project and Material
  • Live Project for Student
  • SEO Material [soft copy only]
  • SEM Material [soft copy only]

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