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WMS [Website Management System]

An important feature is the separation of content and design. A WMS allows simple changes to the structure, the navigation is always kept consistent and each change automatically adjusted.

Content can be easily usually change directly in the browser or add. The design is usually maintained with templates. Whereby changes automatically apply to all content is using these templates.

The difference between WCMS and WMS can be described best as:

In a WCMS find content (content) brought in the form of a website. In a WMS the goal is a site; it is filled with existing and new content (content).

Often the abbreviation Web Manager is used for a WMS.

All shipshape

The good thing WEB-CARE is:

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Here you are in good hands.

We work quickly and we offer flexible terms. Tell us through ongoing updates, changes or additions to your website and in less than 48 hours everything is shipshape.

Depending on your needs you book for the maintenance of your website a time credit that can be used flexibly within twelve months.

Once this is that we expect from the 5-minute intervals!

Our Services:

  Maintain texts   Maintain graphics and images
  Cropping and editing of graphics and images   Insert and remove menu items and sub-pages
  Maintain forms and other functions   Maintain menu items and sub-pages
  Maintaining deals online shops   Maintaining offers on external marketplaces
  Optimize websites for search engines   Set up and maintain web analysis tools
  Maintaining offers on price search engines   Maintaining Business Directory Entries (E.g. Google Places)
  Maintaining links   Perform security updates for CMS or shop systems
  Maintaining links   Perform security updates for CMS or shop systems
  Securing the Web page data   Phone support and Web Consulting
  Other web services    

So you will always shine with your website.

It remains deeply cleansed: professional, currently, working condition.

We regularly Aurum Groups company websites, online shops, portals, Forums, texts dust, clean programming, wash hand functions.

Take advantage of our proven Web Maintenance program.

Our prices are as individual as our services. So you can still get an idea about the cost, It just works immediately and is inexpensive. For more information, we will gladly offer you under

As a company for web development in Hyderabad, we can look back on a long history of success. Upon closer examination, we take care intensively and successfully with transparency, flexibility and service to the care pages of our satisfied customers.

We are fair.

We do not collect any Web Maintenance power for you in 5-minute intervals. This protects your booked time deposits and makes it very affordable for you.

We hide nothing.

Your booked time credit, you can always understand your customer center. They keep track.

We control it.

You will get a Web Maintenance contract, so that everything runs smoothly.

We are going to have favorable.

You pay the credit hours for the maintenance of your website as an annual contribution or in affordable monthly installments.

We give one hundred percent Internet.

We are a successful Web service provider in Hyderabad. We exist since 2009. We make Web Maintenance and more. Ask for it.