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Are you planning to re-launch your site, but do not know quite where to go long? Do not worry; we will work with you to develop a new web experience. From the initial sketch to the technical implementation of our developers - your web re-launch is in safe hands. Whether you are planning a new site, just need a refresher of the look or want to publish individual landing pages - talk to us. We look forward to your Web Re-launch!

The re-launch of a web page describes the complete reworking of an existing website. Layout and design re-developed from the ground up. The website receives fresh wind and bounce rate decreases.

The visitors of today are tomorrow's customers.

Redesign of a website:

The simplest form to revise a website is the redesign. Here only get the web design a new coat of paint. Preserved structure and text content of the website.

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If a re-launch or redesign of a website be carried out, should also have a search engine optimization done.

Their motto should read: Find and be found!

Many websites have content very informative and helpful, but this is not yet honorriert by Google. This is due to a lack of on-page optimization. Older websites have the necessary potential to be found under your keywords.

As an advertising agency for web design and search engine optimization we can advise you which of these options for you is the most sensible.

SEO in Website Re-launch - How do you prevent the disaster

Quite a few here have already burnt their fingers. By re-launching its website should really all be better - the usability, the design of a new clear structure and some technological improvements make the new site a real eye catcher. A few weeks after the online going then comes the rude awakening: your own website through search engines is no longer - or much worse than before - to find. We can prevent such a disaster and help the re-launch of your website in all respects to be a success.

Nowhere time flies faster than the World Wide Web. Technological advances are incurred on the agenda of new requirements and also change your business and develop. Every few years, so it is definitely advisable to undergo their own corporate website a face lift.

The new website as an opportunity

A re-launch of the site offers many opportunities to give the company's digital identity the innovative character that it lives "off" day and embodies. If some important rules are observed, a website re-launch, can be very positive impact on the ranking of the website. In particular, when the realization of the new website is already the on-page optimization is considered and the page layout as well as the corresponding html elements is used correctly. In terms of content, the re-launch will typically perform better: the planning of a new website usually also provides an impetus for an internal communication process is, considering not only the orientation sharpened and the definition and formulation of activities is brought up to date, but also new topics are worked up.

Google already knows you

If your website has been around for some time - even if you have done so far nothing when it comes to search engine optimization - is indexed with all its subpages your website. This means their URL's (,,, etc.) can be located on the search result pages and possibly also from other sites (e.g., business directories, press portals, customer or supplier sites, blogs, content-relevant forums, etc.) linked.

Ask a new website online and you're done?

If you are a new website online and simply replace the old or take offline, the following happens: User and Search Engine Robots ask how far the page on - but instead of going on the old side, land this now on a 404-error page ("page not found"). If you still have changed their domain (e.g. on, a message comes up "Can not find server". Both versions are fatal because search engines dislike this type of error pages. Their effort is the seeker to deliver constantly updated search results that contain the requested information. A "page not found" message she brings this goal unspecified and therefore punished accordingly. However, the user will not be pleased, because he does not find what he was looking for and you will lose valuable website visitors and thus a potential customer.

Stick to your domain

If possible, keep your existing domain. Do not change whenever you re-launch your site according to your mood of e.g. on etc. In some cases, however, it is necessary or useful to change the domain. Even in such a case can be transferred to the new domain clean by redirecting the bulk of link popularity.

Everything is new, everything is better

If you follow these simple rules, the re-launch your new website, nothing stands in the way and they are existing as well as new visitors - you can set the action and still find even better - delight with your new look.

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